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Combining North American crude and refined product trading knowledge with ELEMENT Group’s international trading platform

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ELEMENT Americas Inc.

Founded in 2016 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, we put barrels on the water, sharing upside with US oil producers and overseas refiners by pooling our international team with local talent who were born and raised where our barrels originate.

ELEMENT aspires to become Americas’ most competitive and reliable provider of oil logistics, financing and risk management services.

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Our Business

ELEMENT Americas trades all parts of the barrel, from crude oil to light-ends, middle distillates and heavy ends. We have a deep understanding of the molecules we trade and excel at logistics and blending. Our multitude of skills in trade finance and risk management help create value for our suppliers and clients.

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Our People

If you like hierarchies, wearing ties, and fear meritocracy, ELEMENT is not the right place for you! We understand that our people and their ideas are the key success factors of the firm. We respect their diverse skillsets and individual needs and reward them in the most competitive way.

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