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A Code of Conduct, KYC Procedures and a transparent corporate structure provide the framework for ELEMENT’s sustainable growth

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Compliance & Code of Conduct

A thorough commercial and financial understanding of our counterparties enables ELEMENT to better serve our clients while controlling our risk and adhering to our anti-bribery, anti- corruption and anti-money laundering policies. Under our KYC procedures, ELEMENT’s compliance team conducts due diligence for each new counterparty. Completion of KYC is mandatory prior to entering into any new contractual agreements with any counterparty.

For counterparties who are looking to purchase from us under open account terms, an internal credit analysis is performed in conjunction with our KYC to determine payment terms that can be offered. Since inception, ELEMENT’s business practices have been governed by integrity, transparency, honesty, fair dealing and being compliant with all applicable laws and regulations.

ELEMENT’s reputation is one of our most important assets, and as such, ELEMENT is committed to abiding by the highest ethical standards of doing business. Adherence to ELEMENT’s Code of Business Conduct is mandatory for all personnel. The Code of Conduct has been developed on the basis of fundamental ethical principles and best practices of corporate governance. Our Code of Business Conduct sets requirements for professional conduct and is the foundation for our Company policies, procedures, and guidelines.

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Giving back

At ELEMENT, we believe that it is crucial to support the local communities in which we work and operate. In addition to constantly creating new jobs, ELEMENT participates in various charities supporting local education and health-care initiatives.

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